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A Stargazing Adventure: Lyrids Episode

I’m back again chasing stars and this time I wasn’t alone. I didn’t even notice the time and fatigue because it was pleasantly different: experiencing stargazing with your pals, pizza and sisig! (My priorities are edible.)

The bus ride was so quick I didn’t realize we arrived at the grounds before four in the afternoon! Well, anyway~

I was properly armed for this camp: finally bought my own open-tent and additional gears to shoot the stars. Unfortunately, like all unpredictable ever-changing weather here in the Philippines: it did not rain (despite the wonky sunny-rainy-sunny Manila)… BUT it was cloudy AF and still warm! Oh well, oh well.

Unlike February’s crazy-cold experience, temperature was tolerable and it took a comfortable drop only at around past 3AM. Before then all us campers gathered together for the big PAS photo-op, human bingo-ing and listening to the wit and humor of Sir Ed, the fun Astronomer. This time we saw man-made satellites orbiting the skies, Jupiter’s moon and Saturn’s rings, pin-pointing the formation of the Winter Triangle stars, the beauty of the rising crescent moon with Venus at tow and discovering how all these sky objects told of time and location.

Specks of falling stars were sporadic but I think me and my pals saw more than three of it. We also saw just a tinge of the Milky Way peeking through the clouds.

All these fascinating celestial information and view, all under the stars.



As Sir Ed shared, “Patience is key to Astronomy.” This means waiting for astral objects to come out (or when they do not), for the hemisphere to shift, for the evening to grow darker, for the time and distance to travel away from the city to see better stars, for the hours spent looking through telescopes and watching farther planets and their beauty.

To continuously pursue the stars and planets because we are wanderers and explorers like that.

The night stretched on until the unexpected happen: the camp was enveloped by thick fog. The surroundings blurred, the horizon gone, the skies covered and it felt like Silent Hill all over again! *laughs* Except that people were having fun and light sabers pointers were swung around. It was like a party with no rowdy crowd and yelling noise but with laughter of oooh’s and aaah’s.

In case you asked: the meteor shower was not as one expected due to the weather conditions last weekend. We tried and we were keen but the clouds were just aargh.

(Moreover, just one good thang, I fulfilled again one my to-do’s of listening to Final Fantasy XV while stargazing. This includes track titles: Galdin Quay, Relax and Reflect and Safe Haven. Also added Final Fantasy VIII’s Fisherman Horizon and other relaxing tracks from Final Fantasy IX. Geek alert, geek alert!)

Break camp happened at around 6AM when morning dew were setting in — not the time I look forward to a lot since everything was just wet and damp. *sweatdrops* Oh well, these are just small sacrifices for the love of stars.

During morning as well we also had a pleasant view of the mountains covered by thick sea of clouds and it kinda reminds me of picturesque China with floating mountain tops. Sometimes I forget we were only in Tanay and the breathtaking surroundings is clearly and evidently worth to preserve. This is why we love love loooove Big Handy’s Ground. ❤

The following photos are of my companions who were subjected to my experimentative star shooting (get it, get it?) attempts. *laughs* I have a lot to learn, grasping the art of astrophotography and incorporating human subjects. *laughs* They were the ones who brought pizza and sisig and made everything awww yeah~ Tee hee!

They were the rockstars of my evening. (Quit with the puuuuns, Jiandra!)

In case you wondered, my camera setting and editing software was:

Gear: Nikon D5200
ISO: Hi1 to Hi2
Aperture: 3.5 to 5.6
Shutter speed: 6″ to 15″
* with remote infrared trigger set to Quick Response (ML-L3)
* Adobe Lightroom 2


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