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Jiandra Alda
Dark~Sweet~Soul & M’Lady Designer

Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Leathercraft Mistress, Fashionable Gal
May 28 | Gemini
BFA Major in Advertising Arts Graduate

 Tumblr | Facebook | WorldCosplay | DeviantArt | Flickr | Instagram

C360_2015-10-11-09-27-53-093As an aspiring globe trotter and adventurer (and quite the curious lady-bug that she is), Jiandra aims to show the many forms and faces of beauty and arts. She likes to share her antic experiences while enjoying a plateful of sliced cake and cookies and milk tea and—.

She’ve yet to create a universe just for you and me, or at least she says so.

Usually seen more in front of her Axel (her laptop) or listening hours for hours with Seth (headphones) and Music while multi-tasking. Jiandra is currently in a love-hate relationship with Illustration, Writings and Leathercraft and is sometimes seen intimately with Photography, Traveling and Designing.

She has too many things going on. And is into a lot of fetish. And knows it.

As of currently she’s into Set Designing and Blogging. She is conducting fun photoshoots with her best buddies and is actively engaging with Dressmaking, Sewing and making a lot of creative wearables.

Jiandra: Jumping ship from one hobby to another, yes I do. Yes I doooo~

In days of feeling like her other Gemini-self, she dresses up and acts like her favorite male characters from Japanese Animation and Mangas… or as a French Maid.

Jiandra: I really do! *laughs*

Thingiemajingie is some of the many words she says to describe interestingly-indescribable things. And, why yes, she likes to make up terms as she goes along the pleasantly bumpy albeit fun-fun-fuuun road she happens to take. Or gets herself into. Whichever comes first.

Jiandra is an awkward hyperball with dramatic hands-tendencies. Fumbles around trying to wing things..

..and passionately pursuits a lot of pleasurable things.

Trivia: is single, prefers drinking lukewarm water and chugs milktea drink on regular basis. She also likes Comparative Religion, Biblical themes, Angelology and Demonology, Parallel Universes, Moral and Ethical stuff and enjoys afternoon walks around the city, is the youngest of four siblings, fancies Cheese, Cakes and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

She’s into Japanese Street fashion, finds adrenaline rush performing on stage and likes to tinker around the kitchen to cook cook cook! She very much enjoys the BL literature and BL in general — a very well-known preference of hers among her closest families and friends. Bromance and broship all the way!

Jiandra: I kind of rarely post facts and personal things about me here on WordPress, but when I do you can read them here!


11 thoughts on “About the Blogger

    1. (◕‿◕✿)

      It’s really fun to do a lot of things… but not that part that I don’t get to finish some. Gotta commit more to finishing them really!

      Thank you! *shy shy*

    1. I call it sun-hair. (´∇ノ`*)ノ
      Imma just happy that I’m able to go extreme-hair-coloring now that I’ve graduated.

      Thanks, Miss Kiki (≧∇≦)/

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