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What started during 2008 as a frustration over leather-based accessories now turned into a hobby and craft which Jiandra is most proud of up to this day — Dark~Sweet~Soul is an online accessory line she named after her love for Gothic (Dark) and Pastries (Sweet) and a touch of her persona (Soul) and an outlet for her leather-loving self. She makes use of silver, studs and pendants (of punk, rock and gothic) as raw materials and elements and creatively works around them — making sure to produce unique designs each and every time.

Authentic, different and of great quality, Dark~Sweet~Soul  has already made over so many designs and counting!

Jiandra also names her accessories as avenue to her “Word Play” tendencies — labeling each accessories she has done based from Theology and Biblical Terms, Angels and Demons, Myths and Legends, Historical events and persons and translated words mostly in Latin, French, Japanese and Italian. She enjoys doing that very much.

As long as there are new places she could venture into just for raw materials and until she runs out of crafty ideas in designing, Jiandra is most likely to continue this leatherwork for years. After all, she is wanting to expand and start with doing gothic shoes and bags. Thereafter, clothes.

Previously she worked on leather harnesses for the 50 Shades! The Musical Parody, engaged sensually as vendor and designer at the very first fetish event in Manila, Kink Karnival. She also participates as merchant at the annually celebrated Cosplay Mania since 2014.


Jiandra creates own-designed leather works and also accepts custom-made just for you.

Transaction is open to anyone, anywhere in the globe.
For requests, quotations and others, please email at jiandra.alda@gmail.com


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