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M’Lady, For the Modern Princess, is a fashion line of bags and accessories having the characteristics of cute, sweet and princessy touches in each design released — heavily inspired by Japan’s street fashions Hime Gyaru and Hime Lolita. It revolves around nude palette of beige, brown, and tans and royal colors of maroon and pink. Additional elements are scallop edges, ribbons, bows, other man-made materials and bag shapes are made to be angular, rigid and stiff.

M’Lady is for working, studying or on-the-go princesses — bringing with them noticeably-adorable bags while making sure their important belongings are kept in order. The designer herself desires upright bags due to her own OC tendencies with properly arranged and stored files, notes, documents and others. (Jiandra: it’s really true! *laughs*)

Created on 8th of February, 2013 M’Lady is proudly Marikina Made.
Shipping is both open to the local and international customers!

Jiandra has an inclination to cutey and princessy stuff, in complementing contrast with her gothic and punk interest. Previously as her thesis topic (under the Fashion Design category) now turned to emerging small local business, she aims to continue designing and creating these kawaii designs for the princesses out there.


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