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A Stargazing Adventure: Lyrids Episode

I’m back again chasing stars and this time I wasn’t alone. I didn’t even notice the time and fatigue because it was pleasantly different: experiencing stargazing with your pals, pizza and sisig! (My priorities are edible.) The bus ride was so quick I didn’t realize we arrived at the grounds before four in the afternoon!…… Continue reading A Stargazing Adventure: Lyrids Episode

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The National Museum Adventure

Also known as banana buddy Meia’s Birthday-slash-Planetarium-and-National-Museum-trot-like-a-Field-Trip. The things we do for love! And for free admissions and knowledge! The fanfare started as early as 10AM and by the time we reached the Fine Arts department, I was already woozy because of the heat and fatigue. Hence the lack of photos during the latter part…… Continue reading The National Museum Adventure